2019 Fall Leaf Collection



There will be NO WEEKLY COLLECTION OF VEGETATION DURING THE MONTHS OF NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER. In the event of an emergency (extreme storm damage) please call the Public Works Department for special consideration for pickup of vegetation. Regular vegetation will resume on the first Monday in January.

During your scheduled collection period, please have your cars off the street.

Please have all leaves raked to curbside by the date specified in the above schedule for your Leaf Section. NO BAGS PLEASE! Residents who live on the following high traffic streets may bag their leaves: White Horse Pike, Berlin Rd, Chews Landing Rd., Blackwood-Clementon Rd., Laurel Rd., and Gibbsboro Rd. ONLY.

If you should see our trucks in your district ahead of schedule, please do not be alarmed. Should our work load permit, we may send a crew out early to begin picking up whatever has already been raked to the curb, however, all streets will be started on the date specified in the above schedule.

PLEASE BE PATIENT. Along with equipment failures and weather conditions, we may experience some delays. Our commitment is to remove the leaves from your curb as quickly as possible.

Please do not mix any vegetation (logs and branches) in with your leaves. We will be unable to collect any leaves which are mixed with other material. You may however, MIX JUST GRASS CLIPPINGS WITH LEAVES.

There will be a Spring Collection of leaves during the first week of May. Leaves must be raked to curbside loosely. NO BAGS PLEASE.

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