CCCTMA’s New Jersey Public Transit Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites Web Map


Cross County Connection TMA is pleased to share the New Jersey Public Transit Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites web map. This interactive map is a free resource designed with the purpose of connecting New Jersey residents and workers to COVID-19 vaccine sites via public transit. Users can locate a vaccine site and plan their trip with just a few clicks. Cross County Connection is sharing this web map with agencies and organizations that are helping residents gain access to vaccines, with the hope that it is a useful tool to use themselves or to share with clients. Not all eligible vaccine recipients will have access to or be able to operate a personal vehicle. This map will help identify their public transit options.

CCCTMA New Jersey Public Transit Access to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites Web Map:

Cross County Connection is the non-profit Transportation Management Association (TMA) for New Jersey’s seven southern counties – Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem. They partner with local businesses, local governments, schools, state agencies, and many others to encourage the use of sustainable transportation options. This includes sharing information with the public on how to get around using public transit.

More than 300 vaccine sites, sourced from, are displayed on this map. Among these are the mega sites, and the smaller distribution sites such as pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and clinics. Clicking on a vaccine site will display the site name and address, the age of eligibility (dependent on the vaccine manufacturer), as well as a phone number or website to register. It will also display transit routes that can be reached within walking distance.

The web map displays different modes of transportation offered by transit providers throughout the state on the same map. These options include bus, heavy rail, light rail, and community shuttles. Clicking on any route, stop, or station will display a pop-up window with additional information and resources to help a user plan their trip including schedules and NJ TRANSIT’s “Bus Point-to-Point” trip planning tool.

Please feel free to use this tool as you see fit. Clicking the “share’ icon provides options for sharing the map via a weblink, through social media, or by embedding the web map into an existing site.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, feel free to contact
Cross County Connection TMA at (856) 596-8228 or email