History of Lindenwold

On April 23, 1929 Lindenwold became a Borough.

The borough's first official meeting was held on the following May 31 in the old Fire Hall at Linden Avenue and Berlin Road. The name "Lindenwold" (German for "linden woods") was suggested by Wilmer Bedford, a local resident who had been reading a German book that included the word. Bedford sought to have linden trees planted along the borough's streets, but local officials chose cheaper trees as an alternative.

There is a history book of the Borough of Lindenwold entitled The History of Lindenwold. This book is available at the Lindenwold Library, 310 E. Linden Avenue, Lindenwold NJ 08021

Notable People

People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Lindenwold include:

  • Earl Harrison (born 1961), former professional basketball player.
  • Suzy Hotrod (born 1980), roller derby skater.
  • Carlton R. Rouh (1919-1977), Medal of Honor recipient.
  • Jimmy Woode (1926-2005), jazz bassist.