Joint Land Use

The Joint Land Use Board has authority over subdivision and site plan review, the official map and zoning ordinances. This Board has been vested with quasi-judicial power in that when reviewing subdivision and site plan applications, it can decide “C” variances and establish procedures for the review of such applications.

The Joint Land Use Board is responsible for generating and updating the municipality’s master plan for the guidance and growth of the municipality.

The Joint Land Use Board is responsible for hearing of requested variances that do not meet the requirements of the zoning ordinance. Other responsibilities of this board is the interpretation of the zoning map or ordinances.

The review of applications by this board, or variances granted by them, are based upon a specific property when strict application of the regulations will impose difficulties or hardship to the applicant through no fault of his own. No variance or relief may be granted unless it can be done without substantial detriment to the public good and will not substantially impair the intent and purpose of the zoning plan and ordinance.

  1. Minor Site Plan Application
  2. Major Site Plan Application
  3. Minor Subdivision Application
  4. Major Subdivision Application
  5. Variance Application

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Nancy DiDomenico Joint Land Use Board Secretary
Kathleen Gaskill Solicitor
Jeff Hanson, P.E.,C.M.E. Environmental Resolutions, Inc.

Joint Land Use Board Members


Patricia Strippoli


Craig Wells

Vice Chairperson

Joe Vandergrift


Kathy Fitzpatrick


Joy Jackson


Beth Foster


Richard E. Roach, Jr.


Linda Hess


Nancy DiDomenico