Crime Map

The Lindenwold Police Department employs a twofold approach to facilitate our comprehensive crime fighting strategy.  Our crime fighting strategy combines Community Policing with new technologies that allow us to track and map data on all types of crime, spot trends and allocate limited resources more strategically to areas that are experiencing “hot spots” of crime and disorder. 
The Lindenwold Police Department has partnered with Motorola to provide our agency with state of the art crime analytics along with to share neighborhood crime incident information with community members via the Internet.

Under the terms of the partnership, allows the Lindenwold PD to publish local crime incident information to the Internet in near real-time, making raw crime data easily accessible and user-friendly for community members. By using, members of the public can easily view crime information from multiple jurisdictions where they both live and work in one convenient, easy-to-use location. The published information is presented through a Map interface where residents can review up-to-date crime activity for any location within each agency’s jurisdiction.

The basic information that provides is:

  • Type of incident (preliminary)
  • Date of incident
  • Block address of incident
  • Other pertinent information as deemed necessary by the reporting law enforcement agency is free to members of the public, and allows users to receive alerts automatically via email if a crime occurs in their immediate neighborhood. It also allows people to view reported crime activity on an easy-to-use map for any location within each agency’s boundaries.

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