Parks & Playgrounds

The Parks and Playgrounds division is responsible for the maintenance of the Borough’s park and open space. The Lindenwold Park on United States Avenue is considered one of the finest recreation parks in New Jersey providing ballfields, playground, walking and jogging paths, trails, exercise stations and an amphitheater for concerts, shows and movies.

Lindenwold's Parks & Playgrounds

4th & Scott Park                      900 Block of West Park Avenue
                                            Dog Park, Baseball and Open Space

10th & Homesite Park             500 Block of 10th Avenue

 Aston-Martin Park                   800 Block of Aston Martin
                                                  Playground and Basketball

 Andrea Ave. Park                    2000 Block of Andrea Avenue 
                                                              Open Space                                                                                                       

Carlton Rouh Park                  2000 Block of Egg Harbor Road
                               Football/ Soccer Field, Basketball and Open Space

Emerson Ave. Park                   200 Block of Emerson Avenue
                                         Playground, Walking Track and Open Space

 Holland & Walnut Park              700 Block of Walnut Avenue
                                          Playground, Basketball and Open Space

Lindenwold  Park                    1000 United States Avenue
                             Playground, Baseball/Soccer Fields, Amphitheater,
                        Pavilion, Gaga Ball Pit, Walking Track and Open Space

US & Winthrop Park                 300 Block of US Avenue

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